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يتمتع منتجع وسبا بنيان تري سيشل بموقع رائع في شاطئ انتندنس باي ويطل على مناظر خلاب للمحيط الهندي بفضل موقعه وسط الشواطئ الجميلة وأشجار النخيل الباسقة والغابات الاستوائية الكثيفة. يضم المنتجع 60 فيلا ذات برك سباحة خاصة وتجمع بين الطراز العصري والديكور المستوحى من الحقبة الاستعمارية، كالأسقف العالية والشرفات الفسيحة والديكورات المميزة التي تمكنك من التمتع بتجربة من الاسترخاء والتجدد تتسم بها علامة بنيان تري.

موقع المنتجع في جزيرة ماهي جنوب غرب الجزيره في خليج يسمى خليج إنتندانس مطل على اجمل شواطيء الجزيره

Banyan Tree Seychelles runner-up in the ‘Best Hotel in Africa & Indian Ocean’ category in the 2014 ‘UltraTravel’ awards, voted by readers of the Daily Telegraph.

Occupying 116 hectares and overlooking Intendance Bay on the south-west coast of Mahé, the luxurious 5-star Banyan Tree Seychelles is considered one of Mahé’s finest hotels. It is only 30 minutes from the International Airport and 45 minutes from the capital, Victoria.

The resort comprises 60 luxuriously furnished one and two-bedroomed private villas, either close to the beach or on the tropical hillside. These villas combine the very best of Seychellois architecture – contemporary and colonial decor – from high sloping ceilings, airy verandahs and louvered doors. In 2013, all received a total make-over with new interior and exterior furnishings as well as pristine bathrooms. Each spacious villa has its own private swimming pool and sundeck, some with private outdoor jet pools.

Just steps from the beach, luxurious two-bedroom villas feature two pools, two private open-air dining areas, a jet pool and two fabulous master bedrooms; these villas also include butler service for even more pampering. Also right beside the stunning white sand beach, spacious Beachfront Pool Villas have fresh new interiors, new exterior furniture and an outdoor pavilion – these are perfect for Seychelles honeymoon couples!

Culinary adventures include fine Creole dining at Chez Lamar (including Sea & Grill buffets), supplemented by the resort’s signature restaurant Saffron, renowned for its award-winning, creative Thai and South East Asian cuisine, as well as Au Jardin d’Epices for international flavours and charming ocean views. On most Fridays, there’s also the chance to experience a ‘movie dinner by the pool’. In-villa dining can also be arranged, including barbecues, whilst romantic ‘private destination dining experiences just for two’ are perfect for couples.

As a member of the famous Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts there is an element of Asian style and serenity throughout. This is particularly noticeable in the award-winning Banyan Tree Spa, with its eight luxurious hillside pavilions nestled within the tropical forest. Here you can pamper yourself with a wide variety of therapeutic treatments and soothing massages drawing on Asian techniques and administered by highly skilled therapists. All this with the sight and sound of the ocean around you!

Please note: Between May to September, the sea can be rough with strong undercurrents. However, your own private pool or the main swimming pool compensates.

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