Mauritius, Angsana Balaclava

جميع غرف الضيوف الحديثة تشتمل على منصة توصيل الآيبود، تلفزيون مع قنوات فضائية وتلفزيون يستقبل البث الفضائي وديكور معاصر. لجميع الغرف أرضية خشبية، وفرش عصري.
تقدم ألوانٌ من الأطباق الآسيوية في المطعم القائم على طرف المسبح.
سيستفيد الضيوف من مكتب تنظيم الجولات السياحية، موقف سيارات مجاني وصالون تجميل، بالإضافة إلى استقبال على مدار 24 ساعة وغسيل الملابس.
تتضمن مرافق الاستجمام بركة سباحة طويلة، شوّايات باربيكيو ومسبح متعرج الحواف. يوفر الفندق بعض الأنشطة والألعاب الرياضية بما فيها الغوص بجهاز التنفس، التزلج المائي والصيد في المياه العميقة.
ستجد الانترنت اللاسلكي متاح في أماكن عامة مجاناً.
وقوف السيارات للزائرين
حرية خاص وقوف السيارات في الفندق ممكن على الموقع.
عدد الغرف 52.

Set in the North West coast of Mauritius, facing spectacular sunsets every evening, Angsana Balaclava is an oasis of relaxation and privacy ideally designed for couples and honeymooners.

Angsana Balaclava presents a romantic and exclusive hideaway with its 52 suites and villa resort haven setting in Turtle Bay, Mauritius.
Luxurious accommodation infused with modern in-room facilities, various dining venues, award-winning Angsana Spa, panoply of watersports activities, and unique Conservation Laboratory… all weaved into one for that fantasy dream holiday.

The resort is designed for guests to embark on a journey of rejuvenation and wellness with experiences to indulge and soothe all senses. Picture perfect gardens adorned with tropical plants and palms create a haven for relaxation.

The 52 suites and villa offer privacy and pampering designed to be your home away from home. Bespoke in-room dinners create the perfect canvas for romance while our attentive staff are on hand to meet your every need.

Situated at Balaclava on the north-west coast of Mauritius, Angsana Balaclava is a 15-minute drive from Port Louis, the capital city, and Grand Bay, the picturesque sea-side village next door.

Delight in the delectable cuisine prepared by our master chefs – exotic Asian fusion fare, tantalizing international European offerings, authentic Creole food and piquant Indian cuisine – where guests will be spoilt for choice.
The Angsana Balaclava concept aims to provide the most delicious international cuisines as well as contemporary Asian Fusion cuisine. Bespoke destination dining is provided to meet the needs of our guests anytime and anywhere on the resort.
While wellness cuisine is available to provide healthful benefits, our philosophy is holistic not clinical. Following their own desires and needs, guests can either indulge in gourmet dishes or Ayurvedic cuisine.

Besides spa options, there are on-site beauty salons, a gymnasium and a recreation center.

For those who have to combine business with pleasure, the resort is equipped with meeting facilities perfect for small-to-medium corporate functions. Guests with young children have the option to entertain them with playground equipment, toys and enrichment activities.

Calm your soul, uplift your spirits and soothe your mind at Angsana Balaclava. Succumb to the workings of timeless techniques steeped in Asian traditions dating centuries back.















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